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Welcome to the home of professional Harrisburg Wedding Photographer Jeff Stinson who serves the entire Central Pennsylvania area with wedding, engagement, and senior photography!

Brandon & Daniella - Dodging Raindrops and Cottonmouths - Engagements

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Brandon & Daniella - Dodging Raindrops and Cottonmouths - Engagements

Jeff Stinson

A few week back, I had the pleasure of working with Brandon & Daniella.  I've known Brandon for quite some years, and when he asked me to photograph his wedding and engagements, I was honored.  Brandon and Daniella selected Rock's State Park in Jarrettsville, MD due to the scenic views and awesome areas to photograph pictures in.. And boy, they were right!  The views, the scenery, the snakes... all made for an interesting and fun time!   We started off down by the river and jumped rock to rock to get some great shots!  

After avoiding a cottonmouth and some passing fisher man, we traveled up to the king and queen seat for some amazing shots in the rain.  People always worry about rain ruining engagement photos, but if you have the chemistry like Brandon and Daniella due, you don't have to worry about the conditions of the surroundings, you can make the pictures pop!  After posing in front of what felt like 30-45 people waiting for a photo on the rocks, we got one of my favorite shots of the past few years...

Quickly after watching Brandon crab walk  out to the middle edge of the rocks, we posed for some amazing shots.  Side thought - I'm still waiting for him to admit he's afraid of heights.  Dodging the rain, I captured some of my favorite shots in between downpours and what seemed like a swarm of visitors to the area.


After getting all the shots we wanted, we decided to snap some shots of Daniella's beautiful ring! (Well done Brandon!)

I had an amazing time with Brandon & Daniella dodging the rain drops.  I'm super excited to photograph their wedding next year! 

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