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Welcome to the home of professional Harrisburg Wedding Photographer Jeff Stinson who serves the entire Central Pennsylvania area with wedding, engagement, and senior photography!

Lauren & Brandon - Exploring Mt. Gretna - Engagements

Follow in my Footsteps.

Lauren & Brandon - Exploring Mt. Gretna - Engagements

Jeff Stinson

On Sunday I had the opportunity to work with Lauren and Brandon.  I've known Lauren for a few years through friends and when she approached me about photographing their engagements and wedding, I was honored.  Brandon and Lauren have been together for around 8 years and they were so much fun to work with!

We started our Sunday off at the Mt. Gretna Lake and Beach, though, closed for the season, I  was able to coax the owner into letting us snap a few shots on the beach. 

After our few minutes spent on the beach, we decided to venture on into the little and quaint town of Mt. Gretna. snapping pictures all throughout our walk through the streets, starting down by the lake and working our way back through the beautiful and historic town!

At this point, the lake was reflecting the sun perfectly, so I decided to snap pictures of both Lauren and Brandon, and the sun just added that little extra something!

On our way back to our cars to get the second outfits, we came across this cute little stoop on an old country home.  The owners were sitting there, so we asked if it was okay. They were thrilled we asked, and they also turned on some pretty little porch lights and chatted away with us!

As you saw earlier, Brandon brought his guitar along, and on the way back to our cars, he serenaded Lauren!

After a quick outfit change, set out to snap a few shots back in town before head back to the lake and a beautiful open field we came across driving into town... But first, I had to say "mistletoe" just for Lauren!

And of course the ring! "You done good" Brandon!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and viewing!
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