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Welcome to the home of professional Harrisburg Wedding Photographer Jeff Stinson who serves the entire Central Pennsylvania area with wedding, engagement, and senior photography!

Joe & Emily - Some best friends got hitched! - Weddings

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Joe & Emily - Some best friends got hitched! - Weddings

Jeff Stinson

This past Saturday my wife and I attended the wedding of two of our best friends, Joe & Emily!  I decided to bring my camera along, just to snap a few shots in between cocktail hour, between glasses of some of Joe & Emily's favorite beer, Brains! and also just to give them a little more for their wedding as my gift!

Being a wedding photographer, I couldn't help but snap a few shots during the ceremony, as well as ask their wedding photographer if I could snag them for a few shots at sunset in the field just beyond the Ironstone Ranch barn where they were having their reception!

Official Photographer - Brooke Courtney Photography
Location - Ironstone Ranch

Here are a few shots from their big day! Congrats you two!

First off, Emily arrived in a horse drawn carriage, and I knew she was feeling giddy when I saw her brimming from eye to eye...

And then there was Joe, being a good friend, I sensed every emotion he was feeling and I know it's hard to hold it in when your wife to be is walking down the isle!

After a few sniffles from the groom (sorry Joe) and reading his lips "You look amazing" - the couple held hands and went into their vows!

At this point, I looked over at my wife and she was starting to tear up just the same..  I can't blame you for the tears Em, Joe's vows were great! And so were yours! (I love this photo!)

Then came the exchanging of the rings, and finally.. the big moment!

So while Joe and Emily snuck off with the bridal party for photos, my wife Steph and I decided to go check out the ranch's 2 Texas longhorn steers!

Being the wedding photographer I am.. I quietly snuck into the reception hall to snap a few shots before everyone re-arrange their table settings..

Well cocktail hour ended, and in came the new Bride & Groom! Dancing shortly ensued!

At this point, I ended up putting my camera down to dance with my wife, eat dinner, and enjoy everyone's company.. It wasn't until I walked outside later when I knew I had to steal Emily & Joe and take them up into the field at sunset.. You bet their two photographers were close at my heels! 

I let their paid photo gals do their thing and then back to the reception we hustled and bustled so we could enjoy the rest of the night..

An hour or so later, I decided to get a little more artsy and throw up a flash with the fading sunset.. I thought this was a pretty classy shot!

After some more dancing, Joe and Emily requested that everyone gather round with sparklers in hand for a sparkler send-off.. It sure was a great way to end the night!

It was an absolute blast attending one of my best friend's wedding, all the while still snapping pictures from time to time. Everything about the wedding was fantastic Joe and Em!

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