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Welcome to the home of professional Harrisburg Wedding Photographer Jeff Stinson who serves the entire Central Pennsylvania area with wedding, engagement, and senior photography!

Jake - Fun and Adventurous - Seniors

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Jake - Fun and Adventurous - Seniors

Jeff Stinson

A few weeks back, I was contacted to do senior pictures for a long time friend's son who was now becoming a senior.  My long time friend had talked about Jake all the way since middle school, and it's hard to believe he's going to be a senior! 

Jake is great guy, very fun, and adventurous!  We met at the historic fort hunter and got some great shots! 

After a few pictures from standard posing to create childish fun, Jake asked for some photos in his Airsoft gear off in the woods, which i admit, was a first time ever being asked to do so.  Some people like sports, some like chess, Jake's passion is Airsoft.  This fun tactical game sure looks like fun!

I wish Jake the very best after his high school graduation as Jake shared his aspirations at going into the military and later on the police force!

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